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Friday, March 12, 2010

The Noble Gases

    --This post is totally dedicated to my two dearest friends Neha n Archana(Arch) who really made my life at FIITJEE simply beautiful !--

(That's Archana on the left,me in the middle, n neha to the right :))

        In a parrot-green Salwar with black chunni and pyjamas, I hurried up the white-tiled stairs, to reach the third floor just in time.

"What is your name?",the guard asked.

"Ravali",I said and started searching my name in the long list.

"Here it is",I pointed.

"Okay, you are in B01. Go straight and take a right turn. Your classroom is the last one there",he said in a hurry.

"Thanks",I paced up the corridor.

        Parrot green and light blue walls, tiled flooring, POP walls, glass doors , AC s was a complete change after the wooden benches of school. I found the classroom and was a bit nervous to open the door . Gotto to open this door for another two years, I told myself and walked in. The classroom was half-full and apparently there was no faculty member inside. I looked around where to sit, and finally found a seat in the second bench empty. Two seats in a bench. I went and sat there, beside a long n sharp-nosed, cute girl, who dint turn to look at me. Wierd. I took a deep breath and thought about strinking a conversation.

"Hi! Whats your name?", I asked her.

She suddenly turned towards me , as though just came out of a trance. "Oh..uhh..Archana",she said with a half smile.

"What's your name?",she asked.

"I m Ravali ", I said with a full smile :P

Strange girl I thought, but I never knew that, for the next two years I never sat beside anyone other than Archana.

        That was my first day at FIITJEE. I can't possibly forget that intro-conversation wid Archana (alias initially was Archie..then Arch finally somehow ended up as Arc -Tribute to my laziness :P) as we have always laughed and talked about how surprised she was at the way I asked her name . Anyways, that's how it all started off. My JEE prep and my so-called college life.

        (In this post I prefer not to write any acedemic stuff , as that will be dedicated to another post :))

The first class on the first day was Physics. My favourite subject. I liked the class setting, the lecturer , the green-board :P, the Saraswati picture on the wall, it all seemed so different n yet fascinating to me. Our faculty was Mr. Diwaker Jassal (Alias Con-hider !Coz He pronounces consider as 'conhider') Then we moved on to Mathematics, my next favourite subject, n simply admired our Math Faculty, Mr. Ramesh Babu. Then, we had a cool n good-looking Chemistry prof, Mr Ajay Tripathi (With whom Malavika teased me for a whole damnn year ! Gosh , its horrible to get teased wid a prof , yuck ! Mal I hate u for that !)

The next day, as soon as I walked in , I sat down beside Archana. You know , it was kinda automatic :). Two girls in front of us were kinda fidgeting. One had very long hair n the other a boy-cut. ( I cud see just their hair from behind :D). Then , the girl with the boy-cut turned around n said 'Hi', with an enormously big smile ! I doubted if she had more than 32 teeth :P.

'I m Neha, what are your names?"
I felt like a school kid who just met a newly-admitted girl.
"You are from which place ?", she asked.
"Hyderabad", I remember saying in chorus with Arch.
"N u?"
"Dubai ", she said. It took me moment to digest that. Can't believe she actually came from Dubai to study here . Great, I thought.

        It was the lunch-break, when I went up to the Cafetaria for the first time with both of them. We were standing with our tiffin boxes n having lunch. I hated that. Why cant we just sit in the class and have lunch peacefully? But, they werent close enuff to object u see. So i kept quiet n we started talking again. I remember we first talked about which schools we were from, our siblings n then went on to talk about jee n acedemic stuff. After those two years , I bet you there isnt a single thing we have'nt talked about !

        After about a month I alomst got comfortable with their company, n we three started sticking to each other all the time. We had lunch together, we sat close to each other and after college we walked together down the stairs. We started doing Assignments n CPPs n CLIPs together. In two words, I was 'Having Fun' with them.

        Archana n I had a kind of 'telepathy' between us. We had this kind of superb understanding. I already get to know what she's trying to say n the same with her. Even a gesture can convey a whole meaning. I rarely find such people. She was a smart, talented , imaginative n cute girl , with a 'today's world-needs' attitude. She was a witty, stylish, dominating and a strong hearted girl. The best thing about her is her expressions. You just can't stop laughing at them ! Her fav dialogue was 'What's ur problem?!" , "One hit I'l give!". Trust me arch, I really miss those days we sat together n solved physics probs (specially those pulley ones ). Love ya !

        Neha..I still run out of words to describe her. She is a very intelligent, matured, n a lovable tom-boy ! She loves being a tom-boy , but somehow, she is pretty n girlish. She is very cute, clean, n complicated ! She is the only girl i met who loves metal ! Tought to digest that. I mean , I m totally opposite. I love melodies, metal is not in my cup of coffee. She was good in Physics too n she simpy hated Chem. Has horrible hand-writing , sometime she herself doesnt understand what she has written :) n she 'wets' papers :P Sweaty handed girl, poor thing had to struggle in exams due to that. A simple, humble soul she is. The best thing about her is her smile n beautiful eyes. She has an enormous sun-shine smile :) Stutters n Stammers a lot while talking, who always says' I m flunking' , after every damn exam, but that's what makes her 'neha' :) Love you dear :)

I love singing, n I used to sing(pretty softly) in the breaks n entertain them. I used to have this habit to stick to the song , n then they start
'Ufff...enufff...I m on tonite on tonite on tonite, how many times?? Shakira vil prolly cum down !!'
'Okay Okay...I wont sing.!!"
"I m on tonite.."
"SHUT UP !" a chorus used to cum back !
And then they start suggesting songs..n on n on it goes....

We nick-named so many guys of our class, that I cant stop laughing at its stuidity now ! We alomost put up a zoo there..One was uncle-bear, another ugly-guy, flamingo,north-pole, thita...I dont remember em now..I m sure u guys(arch n neha) vil burst out reading these names n their origins !!

Well, this was the non acedemic fun we had. Acedemic-fun was mainly between Arch n me. We used to love solvin physics together(specially in the second yr). Aceds went on seriously apart from all the fun we had. I just like my life there..It was complete n peaceful. Stressful yet fun.

I had made friends with many others too, Malavika, Spandana, Devika (Mainly in the second yr)were the other close ones. But my whole world revolved around Math, Phy, Chem, Arch n Neha :D

        We were kind of the 'Three Musketeers' :P n 'Three Noble Gases'---Archana(Argon(Ar)), Ravali(Radon(Rn)), Neha(Neon(Ne)) :D :D I know it was very very very silly n funny to give ourselves these names , but at that point of time, it was like a 'Eureka' , we exactly fit into 'Three Noble Gases' ! :O :)

PS: For Arch n Neha, I really miss you guys :(.
@Arch...I finally completed your birthday gift (This post). Hope, u liked it :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Running the Numbers

Where does the coffe cup go after we drink the coffee?

Where do our cell-phones go after we have used them?

Where do our cars get deposited after they retire?

Where do our breadboards and diodes go after being used?

Have you ever tried finding them out?

And even if we you did, can you imagine how big the numbers are?

When I say 1,000,000 trees are cut down everyday can you imagine how huge an area they occupy when put together?

Let's think.Let's answer. Let's Work. Let's help the earth!

The image below shows a huge collection of 'Bullet Casings' (More than 1,000,000):

Learnt about diodes right? The image below is a huge collection of 'Thrown-away" Diodes(More than 1,000,000):

The picture below shows 'Crushed-Cars' where are cars go after using them:

The picture below shows "unused" cell phone chargers:

The below image is a collection of "Unused " Cellphones in NewOrleans:

The image below is a collection of Cigarette butts:

More of them ?

Watch this video :

Chris Jordan pictures some shocking stats Video on


He begins by saying that his work is to convert dull looking numbers to actually visualise how big they are. Just as we did above.

All throughout the video he talks about how huge the numbers are running into and how ignorant and "I-Dont-Care!" have we become.

He begins off showing the the jaw-dropping image of what looks like pipelines , but a hug collection of plastic-cups put together (FOUR MILLION everyday @ Airlines). He then moves on to show cigarette boxes which when stood back and looked at , look like a skull ( A painting by Van Gogh) (400 millions die every year in America , today 1100 die everyday due to smoking) . On he goes, showing prison-uniforms (2000 millions). Abuse and misuse of priscription drug (213,000 drugs were shown in the picture). Another tragic phenominon of breast augmentation surgery, was pointed out by him which was picturised out of barbie dolls.
He ends by saying, that 'Change' can be brought out only by changing our behaviour . Our culture as a whole.