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Friday, March 5, 2010

Running the Numbers

Where does the coffe cup go after we drink the coffee?

Where do our cell-phones go after we have used them?

Where do our cars get deposited after they retire?

Where do our breadboards and diodes go after being used?

Have you ever tried finding them out?

And even if we you did, can you imagine how big the numbers are?

When I say 1,000,000 trees are cut down everyday can you imagine how huge an area they occupy when put together?

Let's think.Let's answer. Let's Work. Let's help the earth!

The image below shows a huge collection of 'Bullet Casings' (More than 1,000,000):

Learnt about diodes right? The image below is a huge collection of 'Thrown-away" Diodes(More than 1,000,000):

The picture below shows 'Crushed-Cars' where are cars go after using them:

The picture below shows "unused" cell phone chargers:

The below image is a collection of "Unused " Cellphones in NewOrleans:

The image below is a collection of Cigarette butts:

More of them ?

Watch this video :

Chris Jordan pictures some shocking stats Video on


He begins by saying that his work is to convert dull looking numbers to actually visualise how big they are. Just as we did above.

All throughout the video he talks about how huge the numbers are running into and how ignorant and "I-Dont-Care!" have we become.

He begins off showing the the jaw-dropping image of what looks like pipelines , but a hug collection of plastic-cups put together (FOUR MILLION everyday @ Airlines). He then moves on to show cigarette boxes which when stood back and looked at , look like a skull ( A painting by Van Gogh) (400 millions die every year in America , today 1100 die everyday due to smoking) . On he goes, showing prison-uniforms (2000 millions). Abuse and misuse of priscription drug (213,000 drugs were shown in the picture). Another tragic phenominon of breast augmentation surgery, was pointed out by him which was picturised out of barbie dolls.
He ends by saying, that 'Change' can be brought out only by changing our behaviour . Our culture as a whole.


  1. point made! ... strongly ! :) ...

    i my opinion, its not "help the earth" .. but "save yourself" ! :) .. earth has been there for ages and I feel it would be there for ages to come .. but what is at stake is the human life .. as we are making earth hostile to our very survival ...

  2. awesome blog ravali.. i mean, seriously, hats off! u've chosen all the topics very well and it was a pleasure reading them :)

    just one thing. keep urself motivated and keep going. coz i and a few of my friends who had started a blog lost interest after a while.

    i hope ur blog does well. good luck!

  3. This is surely an eye-opener Ravali...It makes me think of how stupid and careless we have been..A noble initiative..I appreciate you for taking it! Great job!