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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

~~'Choice' is the name of life~~

How many of us
~~ wake up in the morning snoozing the alarm through another 5 minutes?
~~decide to postpone cleaning the desk for tomorrow?
~~leave exams to one-day batting?
~~don't get up ask doubts in the class?
~~choose to throw away stuff even if they work?
Choices...aren't they?

How does making these choices affect you ? It might leave you late to work or may be with more work-load....They just affect you , in a little way. The whole society chooses in this way. A bad choice might hurt for a while. If a society makes a bad choice it affects its citizens. But if the whole world is making bad choices, My, it affects in way isn't it?

We took a small example of buying vegetable in our HV discussion:

One can buy from a hi-fi 'Reliance-Fresh', or a local vendor who comes to every lane and makes his living, or from any other vegetable market (like Rythu Bazaar). Buying from

'Reliance Fresh' will surely provide you with comfort of AC and also the delight of vegetables and fruits looking fresh and bright, choice of taking as much as you require(Not quantized to kilos or dozens) , picking up even those goods which you might have forgotten on the way.

Well, if we go on and think about it deeply, does 'YOU' buying vegetables there make a difference to the owner. NO. Right? Does your choice is the choice of another person's livelihood? No, strange isnt it . I never thought that if I bought stuff from the local 'Bandhi-Wala' would actually help a man meet his bothe ends. Buying in Big Shops n Marts would anyway make no difference to the owner who already has plenty to feed his generations!

A/C 's and bright lights , shiny flooring are to make an appeal and attract the customer to buy there. But, did we ever realise that veggies at both these places are equally fresh? Probably the Bandhi-Wala sells better ones. Brands, Posh-ness of the shops, not only destroy are local markets but also use a lott of the country's resources in terms of power, and transport. Is it soo necessary that we need such luxuries to just buy daily veggies? Think again.

Now, one might say such bigg enterprises provide employment to its sales-persons.But, what were these people doing before the enterprise was set-up? They surely werent dying of huger, were they? They had their own ways of making their livelihood. Who would like to do a job where you stand for hours and are merely replacing a weighing machine, when you can yourself run a small shop atleast! Above all, a local vendor is an entreprenuer who sets prices by himself. But here at enterprises, they just have to work under someone all the time...

Moving to a large scale..Name one textile company which is purely Indian! We'd prefer a Reebok Shoe or a Lakhani one? Former. Right? Why are we running around brands? What is more important 'Hype' or 'Quality'?

YOUR CHOICE can make a difference. One cant change the world , but surely can change one's ways. Next time you go to buy something, think about it.Think about its quality. Think about how is it being produced? What are the resources used? How much of transport is being used? Am I helping a poor person make his livlihood? Am I contributing for my country's progress ? Think about it. Think for the society. Think for making a difference.


  1. "jaw-dropping" post ;-) !
    very very well written ..

  2. The introduction .. the flow .. the argument structure .. the conclusion... everything is perfect ... !